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Sunday, 04. June 2017.


Duration: 60'


Welcome Reception at the Belgium house

Monday, 05. June 2017.

Opening Ceremony

M. Ristić, I. Nowik, I. Felner and Prof. Jay Fineberg, Dean of the Faculty

Duration: 15'


Group Photography

Duration: 10'


Coffee Break

Duration: 20'


Lunch Time

Duration: 120'


Coffee Break

Duration: 30'


Conference Dinner at the Belgium House

Tuesday, 06. June 2017.
Wednesday, 07. June 2017.

Coffee Break

Duration: 30'


Lunch Time

Duration: 105'


Coffee Break

Duration: 30'


Closing Ceremony

M. Ristić, I. Nowik, I. Felner

Poster Presentations

(Posters will be on display all the time during the conference)

  • P1 G. Dénès: Application of Mössbauer spectroscopy for the study of the oxidation of tin(II) fluoride and chloride fluoride solid solutions at ambient temperature
  • P2 P. Duda: Mössbauer parameters of troilite present in ordinary chondrites type H, L and LL
  • P3 V. Filippov: Mössbauer investigation of FeCl3 sediment after model water treatment by different aluminosilicate reagents
  • P4 V. Filippov: Iron state in nanoparticles in zirconium alloys with small and large iron contents
  • P5 V.K. Garg: Temperature effect on cationic migration in CoFe2O4@ZnO composites
  • P6 A. Lancok: Mössbauer spectroscopy characterization of Fe/Au multilayers structures fabricated by pulsed laser deposition
  • P7 S. Musić: 57Fe Mössbauer spectroscopy in the study of selected iron ores
  • P8 S. Raut: High spin to low spin transition in thermal plasma synthesized Fe-Ni alloy nanoparticles probed by Mössbauer spectroscopy
  • P9 M. Reissner: Magnetic properties and thermal stability of 1D Fe(IO3)3 particles
  • P10 M.T. Sougrati: Mössbauer investigation of iron phospho-silicide as negative electrode for Li-ion batteries
  • P11 Y. Yamada: Thermal reaction of sonochemically prepared amorphous Fe/C